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Livestock Guarantee

Livestock Guarantee

At Reeftopia, we are pleased to offer an “Arrive Alive Guarantee” on ALL livestock.  Whilst we are confident in the quality and health of our livestock and our meticulous packaging and shipping procedures some livestock just simply does not survive the shipping process. Shipping is possibly the most stressful event a coral, fish, or invertebrate can experience and certain livestock is more sensitive than others.

If your new coral, fish, or invertebrate addition does not arrive alive, we will issue you a store credit or a replacement with the same item. We do not cover any shipping costs for replacement orders unless more than half your order is DOA.

To speed up the claim process, please provide us with the following:

  • One or more clear photographs of the specimen you’re filing a claim about.  No image, no guarantee.
  • Detailed description of what the issue is.
  • Anything you may have done up to this point to treat the specimen, including dips, medications, acclimation and placement, for corals.

It’s imperative to contact us as soon as you first notice something isn’t right.  We may be able to help guide you to bring the specimen back to full health. 

It’s important to note:

  • FISH are only covered via Airport to Airport!
  • Coral and invertebrate are covered by both Airport to Airport AND Door to Door.
  • DO NOT discard the specimen without Reeftopia’s authorisation, doing so will void the guarantee.
  • DO NOT refuse the shipment if the box is leaking or appears damaged or the guarantee is void.

It is up to our discretion to void your guarantee if you have non-reef safe/predatory fish or invertebrate (including, but not limited to; Angelfish, Pufferfish, Filefish, Triggerfish, Butterflyfish, certain species of Crab, Shrimp and Starfish or non-herbivorous Blennies, Gobies or Wrasse) residing in your reef tank. These fish and invertebrate, in particular, have been known to pick at and/or consume corals and Reeftopia cannot be held responsible for what these fish might decide to consume out of the latest additions to your reef.

Specialty items or items considered to be “expert only” may not qualify for the guarantee and will clearly state this in the item description.

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