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Aqua Illumination Multi Light Hanging Kit


A Sleek & Easy Way to Hang your Blade LED Strips!

A Sleek & Easy Way to Hang your Blade LED Strips!

  • Compatible with all versions of Blade
  • Three available sizes to hang up to 6 Blade light fixtures

Finding a mounting solution that works for your aquarium and lighting configuration is a big sticking point for many aquarists, which is why AquaIllumination has developed several options for mounting the Blade LED light fixtures. If hanging your lights is your method of choice, AI now has a convenient way to easily hang up to 6 Blades with the Blade Multi-Light Hanging Kit.

NoteHMS Hanging Kit or RMS Hanging Kit also required for installation.


What’s Included?

6, 8, or 12 Blade mounting clips (depending on mounting kit size)

2x Mounting brackets

Set of support wires

*Blade LED fixtures sold separately

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