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Personal Frag Transport


Multi-purpose tool for feeding, applying solutions, siphoning or blowing.

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Great for quick runs to the store or to pick up frags from a friend.  Since the Personal Frag Transports are TSA compliant, you can also fly home with your coral from shows like Reefstock or Underwater Pet Expo. Since the frags are locked in place you can spin the rack with the post and use it as a dipping station then remove the center post and use it as a frag rack.

  • Holds up to 12 frags

  • Frags stay in place even if transported upside down

  • Water tight case (*you can carry this on the plane)

  • Each hole numerically labeled to keep track of names of frags purchased

  • 4.5″ diameter, 3.5″ tall

  • Water volume markings on the side

  • 1 year warranty on locking material

  • Great for dipping coral

    • Amount of dip to use per container

      • ME Wash Off – 7 drops

      • Brightwell 2.6 ml

      • Seachem 13 drops

      • Coral RX 2.6 ml

      • Revive 5 ml

      • Fauna Marin 2 ml

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