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Blue Life Coral RX


Coral RX is used in the treatment and prevention of bacterial diseases that can be associated with fresh cut or injured corals.

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How to use product:

It is highly recommended that all corals be treated in some form of quarantine system and that the maximum contact time with Coral Rx be allowed,

avoiding resistance to build up. Dosing It is recommended flow be increased during treatment, however it is important to avoid flow directly

aimed at corals. In addition to strong, passive water flow it is advised to lower light intensity if possible, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Begin dosing mix by removing 1 cup of water from your aquarium and mix with 1 level scoop of Coral Rx for every 10 gallons (37.9 liters) of true

water volume in your aquarium. Dissolve thoroughly and pour solution into the aquarium. Discontinue the use of carbon, and ozone during the treatment period. Do not dose in the evenings when lighting is turned off. After desired results are visible, perform a 25% water change

and resume the use of mechanical filtration. If symptoms persist repeat dosage again. Note: Also it is important to perform a 25% water change after every dose. In case of accidental tank overdose, the medication can be removed using Clear Fx Pro.

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