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Coral Essentials Coral Power Strontium


Coral Essentials, Coral Power Strontium is a concentrated solution of strontium (50,000 ppm). Strontium in natural sea water is in the order of 8-10ppm. Keeping strontium at this level is advisable and not outside the range of 5-15ppm. Anecdotal evidence has shown that strontium at below 5ppm in the marine aquarium is detrimental to coral growth. For the advanced aquarist strontium levels in marine tanks should be checked regularly to determine the take up in your system. Calculate strontium usage by testing regularly, then simply calculate dosing requirements to suit the depletion rate. Then continue a check of the strontium levels every week or two.

Manual Dosing:

We recommend starting off dosing 1 drops (0.05ml)/day for each 100L (26 gals) of tank water. Variances above and below the recommended dosing can be made depending on your own tank conditions and density of coral present.

Advanced Dosing:

For the advanced aquarist 1ml will raise the Strontium levels by 0.5ppm (mg/L) for each 100L (26 gals) of tank water. For drop dosing, 2 drops (0.1ml) will raise the Strontium levels by 0.05ppm in 100L. If you know the Strontium depletion rate then dose accordingly as per above.

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