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Reef Factory Smart Test Kit Magnesium


The Mg Smart test kit is one of a series of drop tests developed by Reef Factory LAB. It is designed for quick measurement of magnesium concentration in marine aquariums at home. The kit allows you to perform about 60 tests in the range of 30 to 1500 mg/L.

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Distinguishing features of the product:

– compatible with Smart Reef system

– interactive instructions

– new formula of all reagents in liquid formulation

– simplicity of performing and reading the test result

– laboratory-confirmed quality

– direct recommendations in the application

With Smart Reef, the drop test takes on a new meaning. Thanks to the integration with the application, and thus with the Dosing Panel, the interpretation of the results becomes child’s play. Based on the results presented on a clear scale, we see easy-to-interpret recommendations on how to keep the parameter in the most optimal range. What’s more, the dosing panel saves the history of measurements and allows you to conveniently share the history of parameters with other hobbyists. Lots of convenience, 1 app!

How to take measurements with Mg Smart test kit?

1. take 2 ml of water from the aquarium with a syringe and pour into the vial

2) Add 4 drops from the Mg Reagent dropper to the vial 1. Carefully stir the vial in a circular motion.

3. shake Mg Reagent 2, then add 3 drops of the liquid to the test tube. Carefully stir the solution with circular motions. The liquid in the test tube should turn pink in color

4a.  Thread the dispensing needle onto a 1 ml syringe. 

4b. Enlist 1 ml of Ca Reagent 3. The tip of the plunger should indicate exactly 1 ml. NOTE: Air between the fluid and the plunger does not affect the correctness of the test.

5. Using a syringe with a dispensing needle, drop by drop, add Mg Reagent 3 directly to the liquid in the test tube so that it does not remain on the walls. Stir the tube after each drop and observe the color change. 

6 The pink solution will gradually begin to change to a transitional color – purple. When you notice that the liquid has become blue – stop dripping.

7. read the value of the remaining liquid Mg Reagent 3 in the syringe as indicated by the syringe plunger. Compare with the results table or enter in the Smart Reef user panel. 


What to do next?

Based on the test results, the Smart Reef system will make supplementation recommendations for you to maintain the best living conditions for your corals. You can enter these recommendations yourself, or if you have our metering pumps, you can send them directly to the metering pumps, which in turn will dispense precisely the right amounts of supplements to provide the essential elements your animals need.


Kit contents:

– instruction manual

– vial

– syringe

– Mg Reagent 1

– Mg Reagent 2

– Mg Reagent 3

– Dosing syringe

– Dispensing needle

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