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Triton N-DOC Test Kit


Introducing revolutionary, high resolution testing for key Nitrogen compounds, Dissolved Organic Carbon and extended Alkalinity

Finally, reefkeepers can balance and control the nutrients that influence the abundance of bacteria, cyanobacteria and algae in closed reef systems

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What is N-DOC?

Deliver insights into complex organic systems in seawater: Carbon and Nitrogen

Use the TRITON Ratio (N:C:P*) to manage sources of nutrients and control their influence on corals, bacteria and algae in reef aquaria.
(*Note: P value measured separately via recent ICP test or manually)

Eliminate problems caused by blind dosing

Use for problem solving and determining the need for corrective water changes

Trouble shoot common problems such as tissue necrosis, nuisance bacteria and algae blooms and cyanobacteria

Measure true Alkalinity, free from external influences

Understanding your results!

After completion of your sea water analysis TRITON publishes the results to your online account and sends you an email. Because we are both reefkeepers and chemists we have made it easy for you to interpret results via our traffic light warning system and algorithms that provide detailed information about problems and how to fix them. See TRITON METHOD for more detail.

A yellow light should grab your attention while a red light is a call to action. Just click the traffic light and a summary of the required remedial action (including dosages) pops up. Still got concerns? We’re here to help. Visit our forums or email us direct.

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